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Fire Door Inspections

Regulatory certified fire door inspections carried out throughout London & South East England

Nearly 20 Years Experience

CS-L has been trading for 18 years, providing a professional consultancy service for clients within the built environment. Our client’s range for individual property owners through to large national contractors and developers. CSL are certified inspectors, certified by Warrington Fire under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme to carry out fire door inspections

Case Studies

Our projects and clients are varied. The examples below show that our services
are required by building contractors both small and large, as well as public/commercial facilities.


Do my doors need inspecting?

Every building other than a single privately owned dwelling containing a fire door will require the fire doors inspected to comply with the requirements of Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Why are fire doors so important?

The compartmentation of a building is designed to provide fire resistance and insulate against the effects of a fire, containing the fire and preventing or reducing the spread of a fire and smoke.

The compartmentation is designed to protect the “means of escape” via escape route corridors and stairs, allowing the occupants to flee the building, saving lives and reducing the damage to the property.

Fire doors are a key component within a compartment wall. They are a complex, engineered solution, with many moving parts and subject to wear and tear,
requiring regular checks and maintenance.

How often should the fire doors be inspected?

Depending on the type of building you are responsible for, who occupies it, and the volume of use of the fire doors, will dictate the frequency of inspections required.


Some buildings, such as schools and hospitals, are subject to heavy traffic and the doors have a hard time often being subject to repeated misuse.


BS9999: 2017 Fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings - Annex I - Routine inspections and maintenance of fire safety installations - 1.6.2 recommends six-monthly inspections for fire doors and includes some guidance on some of the main inspection criteria. However, the “responsible person” as defined by RRO: 2005 are responsible for ensuring adequate inspections and routine maintenance is in place and carried out.

Do I need an estimate?

CS-L can provide an estimate for the fire door inspections. Every property is unique and therefore to prepare an estimate we will either need you to provide us with some information regarding the number, type, condition, etc. of the existing doors or we would need to view them for ourselves.

Do you need to ensure your fire doors are compliant?

Whether you are a construction company working on a new development or a facilities manager for an existing property, if you are in charge of ensuring fire door compliance, then we can help.